The Benefits

The West Point Project is uniquely suited to help meet many of the objectives of New York’s Energy Highway initiative.  The current New York State electricity market consists of relatively inexpensive generation upstate and more expensive generation in the greater New York City area.  But as a result of insufficient transmission capacity to bring those less expensive upstate resources to areas of highest demand, downstate consumers in and around New York city are paying some of the highest electricity rates in the country.  The West Point project would therefore offer numerous benefits and advantages for New York, including:

  • A secure new pathway for transmitting both existing and new power generation from northern and western New York into the New York City electricity market.
  • Broader access to renewable resources including upstate wind and hydro power to help meet the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standards.
  • A reliable plan to meet the growing energy demands of New York’s major load center, especially in the event that renewal licenses for the Indian Point nuclear power generators are denied.
  • New jobs for project construction, plus the potential for hundreds of additional jobs to build and operate new and repowered generation facilities identified in the Energy Highway BluePrint.
  • Proven state-of-the art HVDC technology that enhances the stability of the transmission system in addition to increasing transmission capacity.
  • Underwater cable installation that improves the reliability of New York’s electric transmission system, leaving it less vulnerable to catastrophic weather events.
  • Minimal impact on natural resources along the Hudson River corridor.
  • An experienced development team with a successful track record in building and operating similar transmission facilities — Neptune and Hudson – in New York.
  • An Energy Solution

    The objective of the West Point Project is to assure a critically needed supply of electric power to New Yorkers, while protecting a beautiful and important stretch of the Hudson River.

  • Meet The Team

    Our team is comprised of several companies with extensive experience in all facets of power projects, including high voltage direct current (HVDC).

  • Project Description

    The West Point Project will carry up to 1,000 MW of New York state energy to the New York City area.